A Note from our General Manager:

“Listening to our guests”

By Shawn Stan, General Manager

Holiday Inn St. Petersburg/Clearwater Int’l Airport

While we worked to improve the guest perception in 2011, we realized the limited number of channels our guests had for direct contact with hotel managers. Because we felt our guests may be having difficulty with sharing concerns with certain staff members, we needed a direct way for our guests to contact hotel management all hours of the day and not just during business hours. We needed a better opportunity to capture the guest feedback before it made it to web sites such as TripAdvisor or Guest Relations. We also wanted to ensure that our guests are satisfied before leaving the hotel.

Shawn Stan, C.H.A., General Manager

One solution we discovered is a direct phone number to the hotel Manager-on-Duty. We are using Google Voice to make this seamless. This option allows a single direct phone number to be shared by multiple managers and directed to the appropriate manager at the appropriate time. It also allows any messages left by our guests to be text or e-mailed to the appropriate staff, such as the General Manager.

Another timely solution is a direct web address that we provide to our guests to share experiences directly with the General Manager. This solution allows the guest to remain anonymous, while still sharing the important information we need to resolve problems within our hotel. This honest and unfiltered feedback is important when making decisions about service and hotel operations.

We look forward to the opportunities that these channels open to us in 2012. We hope that this information only helps us make the Holiday Inn St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport the very best hotel in the Tampa Bay area.

On May 30, 2012, TripAdvisor congratulated the Holiday Inn St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport on Ulmerton Road in Clearwater, Florida, on earning the prestigious 2012 Certificate of Excellence award. Travelers consistently commended the Holiday Inn with the highest praise and recognized the 4-star (out of 5) rating, ranking #32 among the 97 hotels in the Clearwater area.

This is the second year the Holiday Inn has received such a high rating since the brand remodeling in 2008-2009. General Manager Shawn Stan, CHA, congratulated his staff by saying ‘Great work, (everyone)! I know we will continue to achieve even more, but let’s take the time to celebrate all your hard work.’



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